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Express yourself, share your interests, connect with friends, make new friends and much more when you join the social networking phenomenon. Following are but a few of the many ways that you can participate in Social Networking

As with all internet activity be sure to take the time to set up your profiles on the Social Networking sites you choose to use such that you are controlling the information people can see of that which you are sharing.

           The links below are provided for your convenience only.


Allows you to sign up and connect with people in your life now or in the past. It is free and you control the type of information that comes to you as well as who can find you on FaceBook. Face Book also provides the ability to create events, to share photo's , create or participate in groups etc.


Although it is not referred to as a Social Networking tool, Skype offers you a way to make calls for free.

Free internet to internet calls all over the world. If you have Skype and the person you want to call as Skype you can connect and call free. If you both have web cam's you can see each other while you talk. Great way to see those loved ones when you are on the road. All you need is to download Skype and internet capability.


The advantages to MySpace include the ability to upload and share video, audio and image files as well as a blog. But blogging is not the main business of MySpace, MySpace’s central focus is social networking.

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