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                                                 REGAL POINTE HEALTH CLUB 

 This is a volunteer program where we hope to be able to help others by sharing personal experiences and/or bringing in outside speakers to help us all understand what we can do to focus on our Health.

  Gerrie Samples is the leader of this program. She is always looking for speakers and ideas for topics.

Gerrie can be reached by sending clicking on the link below

mail to:Gerrie Samples <>

Regal Pointe Health Club News for 2012

This was a fantastic season even if we did get started a week or so late.  Our first  topic was “Living Gluten Free”.  Several participants brought enlightening ideas and have decided this might just be right for them.


Our next speaker was, Sharon K. Conlon, Hearing Aid Specialist, from Haines City, FL.  She gave tips on caring for your ears (wax build-up, how to clean, etc) as well as the importance of having your hearing tested periodically. If Sharon is requested for a come back again next year as she was this year, I’m sure she will be returning

Next our speakers were:  Dr. Manubens and Dr. Kahn, as well as the Clinical Administrator,  Theresa Toering, all from Florida cardiology. They talked about hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease. This was a very informative meeting and questions were answered. . We had a very good attendance and will possibly have them again next year.

Next we had: Brian MacNeel, Crime Prevention Consultant.

Brian is a Crime Prevention Practitioners trained by the Attorney Generals Office offering complimentary Crime Prevention seminars to organizations, residents and businesses across the state of Florida. The seminar cover timely information on recent rise in crime due to the economy. Seminars are approximately 30 minutes and covers criminal threats in your community such as burglary, home invasion, purse snatching, assaults, identity theft and other self-defense tips recommended by local Law Enforcement.  He was well received by this community and hope to have him again soon


Next speaker was: Joan Leah, who spoke on the book, Treat Me - Not My Age

Based on 25 years of medical practice, Mark Lachs takes his readers on a grand tour of adult medicine, showing how we can navigate a complex and confusing system to make the best choices for ourselves and our loved ones.  With humor and wisdom, Lachs explains how being proactive and making smart decisions can lay the groundwork for a satisfying, active life style that lasts well into later live.


Next  was: Danielle Schneider, Massage Therapist student form Keiser University, Lakeland, FL.  Danielle has been a student for 18 months and hopes to pass her exam very soon.  She spoke about the importance of massaging your muscles and demonstrated on several of our guest.  She has gotten several clients who have been very pleased with her service.


Following are links to information covered in the 3/3/11 Session

Organic Foods Frequently Asked Questions

Chemical Cuisine Learn About Food Additives 

Number 1 Site for Grass Feed Food & Facts locate farms in Florida and elsewhere

Chair Exercises Sit & Be Fit -

Links to free Youtube exercises -


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